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    • Quite simple, remove from the plastic blister and put!
    • Apply with curved side out towards the skin
    • Press down tightly in the center of the nipple using your fingers, Flatten the edges down over the skin
    • Nippfree is reusable, you can use them up to 100 times (when used properly).
    • After removing the covers from your breast, please put them back on their blister (curved plastics) and back in the transparent storage box. Of course you can take the product with you anywhere you go.
    • After a few times of usage, if you feel that the silicone needs to refresh or cleaning or it feels less sticky, please wash the product with water and soap, rinse the water and place it upside down on a towel to let dry overnight, so in the morning they will be waiting for you clean and when new sticky effect for reuse again, again and again.