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    • Women who feel secure about their breast and want the freedom to wear any clothing (décolletage, strapless, deep open back dress and so on).
    • Perfect for an important event for any sexy or formal dress, especially for brides on their magical day should be relaxed and most comfortable under their wedding dress.
    • For swimmers or sun bathing, Nippfree is perfect and stable even with water, under a bathing suit ,so you will not feel uncomfortable when you're out of the water....
    • For the sportswomen among us, under gym cloths so that no ones staring during training and you will feel more than comfortable.
    • When do spontaneous things in life, and you do not want to get fully dressed, (guests coming, take out the dog or must jump into your neighborhood supermarket…
    Nippfree will be your quality companion and will accompany you every day within the active busy lifestyle of today. You must have one in your wardrobe!
    • This product is not suitable for women having a very large breasts or sagging.
    • Women with sensitivity to silicone or with cracked  wounded nipples, should consult a medical adviser before using it.
    • Women that aren't open for a change in their consumer habits.